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Mr. Irving of Unique Boutique & Tailoring
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  In today's economy, you are faced with significant challenges to remain competive and profitable. The strengh of your company and the loyalty of your customers is critical. Unique Boutique & Tailoring can help you emphasize your own personal style over uniformity.


  The growing trend in retail towards utilizing "private label" clothes and products means you can offer your customers something unique. Unique Boutique will assist you to design, develop, and produce

special merchandise with your unique label for you to sell in your store. Your company can develop a dynamic dimension and private label manufacturing can be a natural extension.  


  One of the main benefits of using your own private label products is to differentiate your store or business from the competition. Our private label services will help you build your own brand and achieve exclusivity. Selling your own private label products can be cost effective to help you meet the price points and margins you need. Private label collections can tap a new revenue steam and expand to selling wholesale to other retailors.

                                                                                           No order is to small or too large, whether the product is an evening gown designed for your store, matching bathing suits for mothers and daughters, or an embroidered tee shirt for your club or organization, we can create a product just for you.


  We design and manufacture in all fabrics, knit, woven, spandex, including eco-friendly fabric such as bamboo. Let our 30 years of experience in clothing design and manufacturing help you grow your business. And you can be proud that your custom product, with  your unique label, is created and manufactured in the USA.



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