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Sometime's it's hard find bra's that will suit you for swimwear and other apparel. Let us help you get that perfect bra. We welcome you to come by or to contact us. We are available to assist you in designing a new bra or alteration's on a existing bra for a perfect fit


Good bra design has three basic elements;

1. Excellent knowledge of body structure and figure-body types.

2. Knowledge of how to take correct body measurements.

3. Knowledge of how to interpret those body measurements for designing and manufacture.


THE FITTING ROOM; The importance of a try-on  bra is emphasized. The designer no matter how experienced can be certain of fit without taken the customer's body measurements


A good bra is one is a bra that works for you, if your XS or XXXL with comfort in uplift and support. 


With a bra you need check - out to see if the back rides up, or the underwires let flesh slip out or if the back elastric cuts into your back. You are welcome to come by or contact us to discuss your bra fitting requirements.



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