Mr. Irving of Unique Boutique & Tailoring
Mr. Irving of Unique Boutique & Tailoring
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Endless possibilities for all your fabric needs & new beginings.

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Unique can assist you in finding those special one of a kind fabrics, that makes your own fashion statement.

With Unique Boutique Private Label design and manufacturing service, we can deliver the fabrics

that you need.


We source a wide variety of fabrics. We design and manufacture products in all types of fabrics: Knit, Warpknit, Woven, Lycra, Leather.  And in a variety of fabric weights, sheer Organzas, Velvets and, Leather. 


Let us be your number one stop in locating your desired materials and, give you the personal attention you require.   For additional information give us a call or send us a email. 

843 267 2043, or email for a free consultation.


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